Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hi friends, Kelley here. I am very excited and getting a bit weary from all of the prep for Good Company's "Home for the Holiday" sale that is just a few weeks away. If you have been to a Kelley/Nancy sale in the past, this is one to bring back a few memories from Indiana Ave. This sale is #4 that we have touted as a "Good Company" sale. We have 7 rooms bursting with Christmas cheer for every decorating style...Candy Cane Lane, Traditional Holiday, Shabby Sparkle Room, Funky Retro style and soooo much more. The sale will be held at Mike's office basement, (thanks dear) at our True North location, where we have our summer fireworks sale...I-35 and Lamar behind Joe's Carpet...On the OTHER side of the tracks...story of my life...
Along with 6 other artist lady friends of mine I am pulling out all the velvety, shimmery Christmas goop stops and celebrating with you, my friends, the glorious celebration of the great day that Love Came Down...Christmas! Thank you Jesus for loving us enough to give us life and make us like you...Creative creatures who can enjoy a relationship with YOU and each other. We love it! LIfe is good, though sometimes hard. We love to hunker down and cozy up in our homes with friends and family this time of year and celebrate love and life. Great Idea God! We love it. And it is ALL ABOUT YOU!!.(Though there is much preparation to do before we can all relax and enjoy the season.)Come by Good Company and get set to Deck your Halls with Rebecca's Holly! Wreaths, arrangements, chalk boards, and home decor that you will want one of each for you and your best friend. Let the scents of the season fill your home with some of Mary's scrumptious lotions, rubs and salts for your hot winter bath. Tuck some fragrances in a fun purse or bag that you will not see anywhere else. Angie has waved her magic Christmas wand and all has become sparkly and fun for one and all. Beautiful one of a kind jewelry pieces and accessories will help you check off your Christmas gift check list, for teachers, girlfriends, nieces and sisters. They will feel so special when their gift from you comes from a local artist who makes only one of a kind pieces for you to give your one of a kind friends. Very merry Primitives from Dee Dee, everyone's favorite Grandma, will be arriving the week of the sale. None of us has seen what she has loaded on her sleigh, but we will all be there to help her unload and get set up in the shop...(giggle) We will try and leave some for you...Carolyn is doing the treat making for you this year. If you have not had her mondo gigantic apples, you are truly missing out. I gave one to my daughters soccer coach last month and he made the mistake of trying to eat it while driving home from a game! Mistake! But, poor guy, how could he resist? They are just that good! Place some orders for you teachers or co workers. They will ask for more and more and you can have the secret connection to their maker...The Treat Fairy herself!
Kelley will make sure only vintage Christmas music will be spinning throughout the weekend...vinyl only!!! (I have to find a new stereo before the 20th..My needle was too old of a model to be replaced after last month's Rosemary Clooney record too many! Dang it!) And that there is a fresh box of white and red for the Friday Night shoppers...hint ,hint...
Please mark your calendar for this one. We love to put on the dog and it is so much more fun to do it together...And if it's true that "All hearts come home for Christmas", then let us help you get ready for your own "Good Company!"
We are looking forward to seeing you the weekend before Thanksgiving, Friday November 20th from 6-9 and Saturday November 21 from 10-4. Come early if you want to see it all!

God Bless Us Everyone!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Come visit our Christmas room to get you in the mood for the Holidays! Just a sampling of good things to come November 20th from 6-9pm & November 21st from 10am to 4pm. 2405 Merriam Lane, Kansas City KS - Just over the railroad tracks

Who can't resist hot apple cider, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and just enough of a cool nip in the air to make you grab a jacket on the way out the door? Join us at Good Company this weekend as we usher in the season of pumpkins and comfort foods with a new offering of goodies for your Treat bags. The ladies have been busy creating and gathering treasures like a bunch of busy squirrels! (Really, you should see the activity...) We would love to see you Friday, October 16th from 6-9pm and Saturday, October 17th from 10am-6pm.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

One of our members, Rebecca Corbin, makes really neat chalk boards out of antique objects. The Hall is totally decorated with her pieces that will simplify the communication in a busy household with antique charm!

We have so many different talents in our group! Each of the Rooms in our space reflect the different personalities represented. We have the Entry Hall that hosts all of our Seasonal Offerings.

In Good Company

September 25 & 26th was the Grand Opening for our new endeavor, "Good Company." This is a gathering of likeminded, kindred spirits looking for a way to share the gifts and talents entrusted to them by their Creator. We had a nice turnout and most everyone who visited us was a repeat customer from the Lenexa Spinach Fest on Sept 11th &12th. Many of our visitors left with treasures galore! Carolyn Shaw fixed hot drinks and sold her AMAZING APPLES! The other ladies in the bunch (Mary Henderson, Angie Hickman, Kelly Jones, Nancy Lynn, and Tammy Micke) tallied sales, played hostess, rearranged merchandise, cleaned and spruced up the place! Laura Davis took pictures of the event and for portfolio pics for Mary and Angie to take to NY to see if they can find buyers for our wares.